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Basic Summary of what we do and what we can offer you:

           Results of the National Survey on the Tertiary Performance of ACE Alumni 1999-2011

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Let’s kick off with Diagnostic Testing:



A Doctor has to diagnose a patient’s physical needs in order to prescribe proper treatment. In much the same way, a student’s academic needs must be diagnosed before relevant curriculum can be prescribed. Proper academic diagnosis and prescription is vital to a student’s success and cannot be overemphasized.

Each student entering home schooling through this academy is given diagnostic tests to determine skill and concept mastery. The diagnostic tests are thorough and complete and give assurance of exact prescription of academic needs in each grade level of each subject. After the student completes diagnostic testing, he is prescribed curriculum that meets and challenges him at his achievement level.

Six academic areas are tested through five tests. These areas are:

1. Mathematics
2. English
3. Social Studies and Science (Reading Comprehension level)
4. Word Building (Spelling)
5. Afrikaans

These tests cover basic skills normally mastered before and during the early parts of high school. Students who successfully complete the full battery are placed at their chronological levels in high school curriculum.

If weak areas are evident from the testing, the appropriate curriculum to fill these “gaps” are prescribed to correct these weaknesses. After completing these “gaps”, the student begins continuous progress at his achievement level.

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Once registered as part of the W.C.H.E.A. a personal school quarterly visit of approximately 60-90 minutes will be scheduled with the responsible parent at their home where assessment of the quarter’s academic work will take place. More time may be allocated if the parent deems it necessary. These assessments will take place during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters of every year.

During the 4th quarter, Moderation of all PACE Tests which each student completed during that Academic Year will be performed at the office of this Academy in Ceres, which means that no onsite visit will be performed at the homes of home schools. Written feedback of every student’s tests scores and procedures will be presented to every home school that was moderated. This feedback will be given to them at the 4th quarters’ Home Educators Day.

During Quarterly Assessment Visits at the home of parents, the academic work that the student completed since the last scheduled visit will be assessed. Academic records that are kept by the parent will also be scrutinized. The motive for the assessment is to be able to give an outside opinion on the progress of the student and also to assess the effectiveness of the Record keeping system of the parent/supervisor.

These visits are performed in a professional manner, yet in a spirit of friendship, assistance and humility since the parent is the person finally responsible and in control of their home school. The W.C.H.E.A. therefore endeavours to come alongside the parent and assists as an independent assessor.

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Annual assessments are scheduled where each student will be assessed with two assessment modules. (Tests)
The two modules that will be administered are the following tests of Dr. Louise Holman:

1. The CFAM test.
2. The NCLA test.

Learners will be introduced to the CFAM (Culture Fair Abilities and Motivation Test) and the NCLA (National Curriculum Linked Assessments) developed by Dr. Holman specifically for South African learners.

Mr. Axel van de Griendt, the Principal of the WCHEA, will administer these tests and is accredited by Dr. Holman. Dr. Holman will be responsible for the interpretation of all results and will send a record of the results to the WCHEA. These records will be filed in the learner’s files at the WCHEA Admin. Office and will be communicated to parents at a Quarterly visit, or via e mail.

Dr. Holman is working as an outside provider to the WCHEA and will therefore be able to offer an independent assessment of each student. This assessment can be used as the independent assessment that the Western Cape Education Department needs at the end of every school phase, and will obviously also serve as an assessment to the parent on the academic wellbeing and standard of each homeschooled student against the pre set standards of the NCS (National Curriculum Statements).

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Mr. van de Griendt will be available telephonically during the week from 08h00 until 17h00 for any support necessary. As every second week is scheduled for quarterly assessment visits at the homes of home educators, it would be wise to contact him either on his cell phone at 082 4156860, or on his office no. at 023 3162194. Should he be in a meeting, in an area with no cell phone reception, or busy with any other responsibility, a message may be left on his cell, and you will be contacted as soon as he is available. Alternatively, you may phone again at a later stage if it is urgent, should he not have had the opportunity to return your call.

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Any relevant information from the W.C.E.D., the curriculum provider (A.C.E.), or in house matters within the Academy – for example, Student Conventions, Sport Meetings, etc. will be communicated as soon as possible via the W.C.H.E.A. D6 Communicator to all the registered Home Schools within the WCHEA.

You are also able to communicate with the Academy via e mail, remembering that items needing immediate attention should rather be handled immediately via the Cell phone as Mr. van de Griendt spends the majority of his time away from home serving the needs of registered parents via individual Assessment Visits at the homes of parents, etc.

Curriculum orders must be placed via e mail using the free CSAMS Home Ordering Program.

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The Western Cape Home Educators Academy D6 – Communicator can now be downloaded free of charge from the Ap store onto your mobile phone and computer. (Illustration at Training Course.) Items needing discussion or continuous needs/questions that surface during the term will be addressed on the Communicator. Important information re Annual Assessments, Conventions, Home Educators Days, Ordering Dates, etc. will also be conveyed to you.

You will also find your quarterly, scheduled individual appointment for the next home visit on the calendar of the D6 WCHEA Communicator.

Home schools are billed school quarterly for host fees (Fees set aside for Mr. van de Griendt’s Home School Quarterly on site Assessments /Home Educators Meetings / Traveling and Petrol costs / Telephonic and E mail support, etc.) and these accounts will be sent via e mail around the time of the beginning of each school quarter.

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Training Courses for all new Home Educators are normally scheduled for the two week days directly before the start of every new school quarter. These courses are offered at Mr. van de Griendt’s home/office in Ceres. They serve to train the responsible parent of new home schools that have registered (and Tutors where applicable) – in the academic curriculum they have decided to follow, the administration involved, and the Biblical Philosophy behind home schooling. Both parents may attend, but this should be arranged.

Training Curriculum is ordered for parents (and Tutors where applicable), and workshops, lectures and Presentations are completed during these two days. Training will commence at 09h00 on day one and will be completed at 17h00 for the day. Homework is given after day one. Day two starts at 08h00 and will be completed at 17h00 (possibly earlier), depending on the individual rate parents worked through certain projects.

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There are four venues where Home Educators Days are offered: Fraserburg, George, Robertson and Cape Town.

Compulsory Home Educators Days are scheduled for the second, third and fourth quarters. These days are normally held from 09h00-13h00 at the homes of home educators in four regions namely, Fraserburg, George, Robertson and Cape Town. All home educators in the surrounding areas then travel to these venues and are welcome to bring their children with them for social interaction with other home schooled students.

There is no Home Educators Day in the first quarter, as an Annual two day compulsory Educators Convention is held by the curriculum provider (ACE).

Home Educators Days serve as fellowship days with other home schools in the area where some of the following needs may be addressed if necessary:

* Questions and challenges that individual home schools might want to discuss with other home schooling parents.

* Training that may be necessary.

* Relevant updates from the WCHEA, the Curriculum Provider/s, W.C.E.D., etc. will be given.

* Workshops re assessments, Student Conventions, Graduations, Academic Projections, Motivational Topics.

* Brain Storming sessions to solve certain challenges.

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It is the responsibility of the WCHEA to obtain the student’s academic records from the previous school attended (where applicable). The WCHEA then has the responsibility to update these academic records on a quarterly basis as information is received from the parent at the quarterly assessment visit. At the end of each academic year, it is also the responsibility of the WCHEA to complete the year end records of each student onto their Permanent Records.

Other information that must be annually updated on the Permanent Record is the Assessment tests (CFAM and NCLA). Should any home schooled student transfer to a school, parents should request a transfer certificate/letter from the WCHEA. The school involved will then request all the Permanent Records on file from the WCHEA.

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Home Schools are, on a bi-weekly basis, able to order PACEs (student work books), and score keys (answer booklets), etc. through the W.C.H.E.A. as per their requirement. The WCHEA then orders the required curriculum from the ACE Warehouse in Durban. Score Keys may be rented from the WCHEA at R20.00 per key, Literature books at R50, and DVD’s at R100 per PACE, if available. Should these items not be available from the WCHEA, they will be ordered at the relevant prices from the ACE Warehouse in Durban and you will be invoiced the full price as mentioned above. There are 12 PACEs per subject per grade level, normally in seven core subjects. Purchases are made from the WCHEA on a cash-before-ordering basis and details on ordering procedures are given at the original Home School Training Course held at the office of the W.C.H.E.A. in Ceres. The WCHEA orders from the ACE Warehouse in Durban twice every month. You will be advised of these ordering dates on the W.C.H.E.A. D 6 Communicator. You will therefore have to ensure that your order reaches the office of the WCHEA before 12h00 on these ordering dates.

Orders must be placed via the free C SAMS program developed for this purpose. Training on the program will be given during the official Training Course. You can download the C SAMS HOME Ordering file from the WCHEA Communicator, and then replace the “School info” file with the relevant file that A.C.E. will e-mail to you in order to personalise the generic file for your own use.

You will also be sent a “student file” from Axel van de Griendt (WCHEA) which you will have to save within the CSAMS program in order to make the program usable. The CSAMS “Home School PACE Order “ program used for ordering purposes is free.

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