Changing the Western Cape for Jesus Christ One Child at a Time!
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About Us
Business Plan

Business Plan

Mission Problems Financial Plan
Vision Business Concept Resource Requirements
The Team Advantages / Competition Risks & Rewards
Market Summary Goals & Objectives Key Issues

Our Mission

  • We pledge to offer:

Assistance in implementing individualised Biblical curriculum and home education administrative materials,
Assessment and

  • For the establishment and growth of Biblical education, in the homes of families within the Western Cape.

Our Vision

To see stable families and therefore communities develop through Biblical Educational Reform where these young people will rise up as Godly Citizens and Leaders of the future.

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The Team

Principal : Axel van de Griendt

Previous Experience:

  • Vice Principal : Word of Life Christian School
  • Principal : Bosko Christian School
  • Regional Representative : ACE – Western Cape
  • Area Manager : ACE Cape Province
  • Principal : Western Cape Home Educators Academy since 2003.

32 Years experience in Biblical Education

Part time Secretary : Susan van de Griendt

Previous Experience:

  • Secretary : Bosko Christian School
  • Home school Supervisor : From 1999 – 2006
  • Part Time Secretary : Western Cape Home Educators Academy Since 2003
  • 28 Years experience in Biblical Education

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Market Summary

  • Homes of Bible Believing Parents

A need exists for a curriculum that is :

  • Bible Based
  • Character Building Based
  • Individualised
  • English
  • Outcomes based
  • Accredited
  • Computer Enhanced

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Opportunities for Biblical education exist due to :

  • Lack of adequate Education
  • Lack of acceptable standards
  • Lack of discipline
  • Lack of Character
  • Lack of textbooks
  • Lack of training for teachers
  • Lack of support to teachers
  • Lack of safety in schools

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  • Possible unaffordable Curriculum
  • Lack of Support Groups amongst Home Educators
  • Lack of Qualified teachers to assist home school parents in periodic academic problem solving
  • Lack of Opportunities for development in Sport, etc.
  • Lack of Financial resources for promotion and advertising purposes
  • Pre conceived ideas re curricula and home schooling

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Business Concept

Support and Assessment offered to Home Educators via:

  • Diagnosis of academic grade levels of students,
  • Assistance in Registration with W.C.E.D., Curriculum Provider (ACE) and W.C.H.E.A.
  • Individualised Curriculum
  • Biblical Curriculum
  • Curriculum orders placed
  • Personal quarterly visits to homes,
  • Annual assessments,
  • Telephone, e mail, newsletters, training courses, quarterly Home Educators Days

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Advantages / Competition

  • Full time staff member available
  • Personal Quarterly Visits at home
  • Curriculum ordering twice per month
  • Certain Resources available to rent resulting in cutting of costs to home educator
  • Quarterly Home Educators Days
  • Relevant training available to home schooling parent / tutor

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Goals & Objectives

Three to Five year goals

  • Effective support groups in all areas of the Western Cape.
  • Data base of, and availability of qualified teachers in all learning areas to support parents where necessary.
  • Web site with support.
  • Trained Assessors available in all regions.
  • Full time Secretary at Admin. Office.
  • WCHEA books to be assessed by Accountant and Audited annually.
  • Plan for future Staff to be remunerated fairly.
  • Raising of extra funds in order to support less fortunate home educators. Planned amount – at least 10% of Monthly income of W.C.H.E.A..
  • Raising of funds for acquisition of Resources necessary for Promotion.

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Financial Plan

  • Appropriate salary for full time Secretary.
  • Proper stock room and office for Secretary.
  • Commission to Regional Assessors when appointed in three year’s time.
  • Plan for Commission to Qualified teachers appointed in three year’s time.
  • Replacing of stock to be rented out in order to minimize expense to home educator.

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Resource Requirements

  • Proper Advertising Sign at Office in Ceres

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Risks & Rewards


  • Curriculum and assessment available online.
  • Other Home Educators Academies.

Addressing risk

  • Start investigating availability of curriculum and support to be offered on the WEB.


  • Market related services.
  • Meeting the need with relevant technology.
  • Addressing Technological advances and remaining on the cutting edge of technology and development in education.

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Key Issues


  • Promotion.
  • Inventory of Resources available in the Regions.

Long term

  • Finances in order to acquire resources needed.
  • Negative growth if status quo remains.

Funding for:

  • Less privileged parents.
  • Admin office.

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